It’s a Wine


About Us

Golden Hung Ho is an independent, importer, exporter, wholesaler, retailer and distributor of wines and spirits in Singapore registered since 1995. Started simply as a wholesaler of wines, the company has since branched into branding and marketing of selected agency wines and spirits for the Asian tastebuds. We believe in establishing long term commitments and relationship with our suppliers, some with history over 20 years.

Golden Hung Ho, your One-Stop Liquor Solutions , services retail liquor shops, mini-marts, wholesalers, pubs, karaoke, nightclubs, discos, hotels, private country clubs, restaurants, wine bars, corporations and individuals. Our marketing strategy has always been one of top-down and bottom-up, meaning a two way brand reinforcement from high-end on-premise outlets down to building from individuals up to ensure a well diversified brand recognition and building process.

With our own bonded warehouse of 25,000 sq. ft., we are also able to service the diplomatic community, ships chandlers, luxury trains as well as international airlines. Our well-established sales and logistics infrastructure provides quality and efficient services for all our valued customers. We continue to seek to expand into the restaurant and entertainment business while solidifying our existing wines and spirits business