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Fabolous Tips for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a process of examining and evaluating different kinds of wines. In fact, many wine lovers especially attend wine country events to taste the wines and spirits. However, there are certain tips which can assist in enriching the wine tasting experience. In fact, even experts use these tips to sharpen their ability to recall wine types. Here are fabulous tips for wine tasting. Wine tasting process comprises of four steps. These are looking, smelling, tasting, and analyzing.




Look at the wine and check out its opacity, color, and viscosity. This step need not take more than 5 seconds. Much information about the wine is hidden in its appearance. One just need to identify these features, for example, the alcohol percentage, vintage, and grape variety in the wine.




Wine smells can be divided into three main categories. These are primary aromas, secondary aromas, and tertiary aromas. The aromas that are grape derivative are categorised under primary aromas. Secondary smells are basically yeast derived and are easily spotted in white wines. Tertiary aromas arise after aging of the wine. These smells are mostly salty, such as autumn leaves, baking spice, roasted nuts, etc.


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All varieties of wine and spirit have a sour taste, as grapes possess some amount of acid. However, this amount varies as per the grape type and climate of the place where grapes are grown. Moreover, some white table wines are able to retain some amount of their grape sugars. Now, one needs tongue to detect this sweetness. Moreover, the tongue can actually touch the wine and can distinguish its texture.




The last part is analyzing the wine’s taste. The wine can either be too alcoholic or too acidic or too tannic.  Moreover, one needs to analyze whether the wine was as per one’s liking or not.



These four steps combined together form a comprehensive guide for wine tasting. Moreover, one can even find online wine Singapore tips for making wine tasting process a memorable one. In fact, look for wine events this weekend in your area and go get the lifetime experience of wine tasting. Wine and spirit distributors from all corners take part in these events to display their best collection of wines. Thus, one can get to taste different varieties of wines in these events.  These wine tasting events are very popular in Singapore and one can even find information about these events online.